416 Watch

Combining  modern technology  with  luxurious  style  — 

a  2018 smart  watch  concept.

Art Direction

Linus Zoll

Graphic & UI Design

Kyriakos Kokkinos


Linus Zoll

3D Modeling & Rendering

Linus Zoll

Assistant Concept Design

Kyriakos Kokkinos



By merging the worlds between a classic and luxurious look and the powerful features of a modern smart watch, we created a concept to show how we would like to see the future of watches.


To support the exclusive design of the watch we created a clean and simple packaging that feels elegant and luxurious.

We have two boxes, one for the watch and the strap itself and another one for the wireless charger and accessoires.

On top of these we have a personal welcome-card and the manual.


For early adopters and contributors for the launch of MODEL 416 a special pocket watch is sent as a token of appreciation.

The pocket watch is meant to be exclusively sent to individuals that have supported and invested in the company and its vision.

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